This is where the extra pair of "hands" came in handy :) In this step, a resistor is being soldered to the LED in order to limit the voltage flow. Most common LEDs work with a max of 3V. The supplied 5V from the PC is way to much. Within few seconds the LED would smoke and melt. Done that too.

Attaching wires...

Heat-shrinking all bare wires in order to avoid short circuit once installed in the metal case. Not sure why I did not have the revelation at that time, but green heat-shrink just does not go with the Hello Kitty theme ;) If I have time, I may redo these...

Final assembly: spaced according to the holes in the case. I used solid core wire - that's why the whole thing stands vertically like this. Now, if it only was red/pink and white, with no black or green... ;)

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