Well, unfortunately I had to redo some pieces. The original Hello Kitty head turned out to be too thin for this size and after it was painted, it warped outwards, making the whiskers stick out. As a result, couple got broken off before I ever got a chance to permanently attach the head to the panel. I decided to redo it. This time I made it twice as thick, just like the piece on the other side (which by the way is now completed!). I have also integrated the flower into the piece. Trying to match the separate flower with the head proved too difficult. I also had to make the flower a bit bigger.

New head just baked. The eyes and nose are already completed.

Do you think this girl likes Hello Kitty? :)) She can't wait till it's done!

Completed painted case and panels

Another angle

Closer view of the flower 


So, here's what happened. When I was cutting the hole in the side panel, I borrowed someone's hole saw. Unfortunately it was not very sharp. I almost ruined the entire work. I ended up having to re-paint both of the panels (so that they would match). Also, as the new hole ended up overlapping with the old vent holes that are now invisible, the semi-dull saw did not cut very cleanly. That's why you see some irregularities in the edge. Fortunately, none of it will be visible as this section will be sandwiched between the case fan and the grill. 
I hope I can start on the electrical components this weekend. I'll try to finish the new head by tomorrow.

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