Since I could not get my friend to fabricate one for me from aluminum (not his fault), I made this one from a 1/4in acrylic. Completely hand made, no C-N-C tools :)) It took three hours to make it! Then, I screwed it up while trying to paint it... The red paint for the bow dissolved and blended with the black outline. It looked absolutely horrible. Trying to salvage it made it look ever worse. Soooo, I've already rough-cut another one and it took half the time :)

Print in the background used to trace the outlines

Pic taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Masked and ready for painting
This is where the red paint in the bow dissolved with the black outline.

At this point I'm not sure how I will finish the replacement piece. I'm thinking of testing with a different brand of paint on a scrap piece and see if that works better. Another option would be to just dremel out the details and paint it with a black tint paint. I'll have to test that out too and see how it looks. I would like for the grill to hide the joint between it and the case. It would make it for a cleaner looking installation.

Replacement Fan Grill

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