Big problems; design change...

I decided to bolt the Hello Kitty head to the panel. This way there's no way it can get "accidentally" knocked off. You know how kids are! ;) I was planning on finishing the joint around it with Bondo. But as hard I as tried, I kept on running into a nasty problem. See the 4th pic down:

Frankeinstein Hello Kity :)

Countersinking the holes. This will ensure that the screws can be covered over once the head is bolted on.

On the inside of the panel, smoothing some metal shards from drilling.

As you can see, my thin Bondo joint kept on cracking during sanding. There are two possible solutions to this, both a bit too late for me.

1. Use a thicker material PC case that does not flex (definitely too late now)
2. Use something like short fiber reinforced fiberglass filler by Everlast rather than Bondo. It will flex with the material rather than crack or chip (found out too late about it). This product is more expensive than Bondo, but if you are going to work with thin sheet metal or plastic, you really should consider it.

I decided to take the head off, and finish the panels independently w/o the characters. Both Hello Kitty and it's head will be completed separately and then either bolted or glued to the finished panel. Not sure yet which method will work best and not cause any damage to the finish. I'll have to look into this a bit more before deciding.

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