Bezel Modifications

I used some simple designs that I found on the web. I then used a tracing paper to transfer outlines of the shapes onto the plastic bezel.

Traced outline of the flowers and hearts.

Since I did not have any air cooling, I turned the RPMs down in order to avoid getting the plastic melted around the burr.

Going shallow passes - one at a time...

Keeping the lines as close as possible to the original

Carefully progressing while avoiding overheating the plastic. You can ruin your entire design if a blob of melted plastic suddenly sticks to the burr and wipes a chunk out of the bezel.

Flower design

Rough cut-out. All of these were later smoothed out with a hand file

Another flower design

Closeup from the back. I had to take out some of the material, otherwise, the copper mesh would not follow the contours of a thicker material.

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